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New work

These last few months I keep hearing an owl (or more) in our back garden hooting away when it gets dark in the early evening. I have yet to see any of them but hearing them is comforting and reassuring. Knowing they are there in the night, in the trees communicating with one another. My latest linocut is called ‘ The night belongs to them’ and is dedicated to the owls around us. I hand carved this piece and printed it in black ink onto Zerkall Smooth printmaking paper.(it measures 10.5 inches square). These prints are open edition which means I can print as many as I like. It can also be printed on Hosho paper. I will be selling this print for £20 to the public on Saturday 11th December, but you lovely subscribers can get your print with a 10% early bird discount for £18.00 including free p & p in the UK. Just drop me a quick email on to request your print.

This little wren is done in Drypoint on aluminium then printed through my press in black ink with some spots of light red added to the berries. Did you know there are at least 6 different types of wrens? The island of St Kilda has it’s own wren too? Don’t you just love their round chests and bellies and distinctive markings? There are 5 of these little prints, measuring 8 x 6.5 inches printed on Snowdon heavy white paper, available for £30.00 each but subscribers get a discount of 10% and only pay £27.00. These prints will also be released to the public on Saturday 11th December at full price. Again just drop me a message if you would like one at

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